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Alternator -> ST / STC SERIES
The STC series generators is to be used in town, countryside, work sites, mountain districts and pasture lands as an electric power source for lighting purpose. It can also be used as a standby power source for emergent case. The generator is of disproof with rotary field type and adopts harmonic excitation system that will be easy to operate and simple to maintain.

The ST series generators are mainly designed to serve as power source of small capacity which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships as well as for household electric devices used in towns or villages. The generators are excellent in appearance, consolidate in construction and easy to maintain. Dimensions adopt IEC standard. They are suitable for Australia, Europe, America and other countries if the end covers are mabel B.

The generator adopt harmonic wave self-excitation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both of them have excellent dynamic characteristic performance, convenient and reliable in operation.
Ambient temperature: -15OC <=q<=40OC
Above sea level: not exceed 1000m
Rated voltage: 5%
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