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1.Question£º Is there any minimum order quantity constraint for sample order£¿
Answer£º We encourage new customers to place sample order if they prefer to test and confirm the quality of HUANQIU products before making final decision.

2.Question£º Is it possible for my company to be HUANQIU distributor/agent in certain market£¿
Answer£º In some markets, we have already appointed (exclusive) agent and in other markets, we are searching for cooperative partners. Please send your inquiry to HUANQIU for details of agency arrangement.

3.Question£º How should I place order for HUANQIU products£¿
Answer£º You can send order directly to HUANQIU listing all the models and quantities you intend to import. After confirming to Proforma Invoice from HUANQIU, please arrange payment by Telegram Transfer (T/T) in advance or irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight. We will make shipment within 15-30 days after your payment arrival.

4.Question£º How should I deal with my customer' claim to quality problem of HUANQIU£¿
Answer£º Please refer to HUANQIU Warranty Policy. HUANQIU agent/distributor will keep in-stock necessary spare parts for maintenance, after sales and repair, and HUANQIU will send by air parcel promptly if specific parts beyond agent's stock.

5.Question£ºWhy choose diesel engine£¿
Answer£ºDiesel engine is up to 30% more fuel efficient than gasoline engine in similar services. Low flammability of diesel fuel is safe and valued in all applications. It can meet the environmental protection demand of the world to use diesel engine as power.

6.Question£ºWhere is the serial number of each machine located£¿
Answer£ºFor diesel machines, the serial number locates beside the drain plug. For gasoline machines, the serial number is stuck on the side of the starter.

7.Question£ºWhat is the allowed tilt for engine£¿ What is the allowed tilt for output shaft£¿
Answer£ºThe allowed tilt is less than 20 centigrade either for engine or output shaft.

8.Question£ºDos the alternator have AVR equipment£¿
Answer£ºThe alternator is brushless without AVR. The voltage is adjusted by condenser.

9.Question£ºHow can I choose the fuel£¿
Answer£ºPlease use light diesel fuel No. 0 in Summer No. -10 or No. -20 in winter. Do not allow dust or water into fuel and fuel tank.

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